Your Restaurant Consultant is Chef John Malik

Missing Something?

Maybe your missing ingredient is food cost, hospitality, culture, or staffing. Chef John Malik finds those missing ingredients and he’s helped everything from a small doughnut shop to boutique hotels, independent restaurants, and retirement communities. 


John Malik is a James Beard nominated chef, successful restaurateur, and food & travel writer. He’s achieved many highlights in his culinary career, from turning a defunct pizza parlor into an award-winning restaurant, making chocolate bars from fresh cacao beans in Belize, Central America, a Food & Travel writer for the Huff Post, published author, and a host of appearances on the Food Network. 


Today John is a Restaurant Coach and Hospitality Consultant, and perhaps he can coach your operation through challenging issues.

  • Chef Coaching
  • Menu Renovation
  • Culture Change
  • Key Personnel Recruitment
  • Web and Social Media Challenges
  • Hospitality Breakthroughs


If your challenge requires an outside-the-company voice with a structured, methodical manner, call John today. Initial consultations are billed at 250.00 for the first hour with subsequent hours billed at a quarterly rate. Mileage charges are applicable outside the Greenville, SC metro area.

Cooking on the border of Poland and Ukraine with Gale Gand and Noah Simms