Spices, Fruits, and Vegetables of Belize

This is a post I’ve made for my Greenville Tech Culinary students so we may discuss the origins of spices and the varieties of different fruits and vegetables.

Starfruit or Carambola Tree
Cashew Fruit
Another Avocado Mexico # 5
Belize grew dozens of varieties of Mango
Another variety of Mango next to Mamey Fruit
Vanilla Beans
Rose Apple. This is a relative of Guava
Cacao pod, black pepper, coffee beans
Cacao Tree, this is a Criollo variety
Cinnamon Tree
Bananas, banana blossom, Hooded Oriole
Finger Banana
Produce market
Bertha’s Tamales. This is the size of many restaurants in Belize.
$5.00 dinner at Alma’s Restaurant
San Felipe Village, Toledo District, Belize. This is the Mayan village where I studied chocolate.
Pre fermented cacao bean
Meat Pie
Tejadas. This is a $5.00 US
Cohune Palm
Cohune Nut
ginger root
Heliconia, or Lobster Claw plant. Very delicious flower
Tortilla factory



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