With John Craig, foodwriter, and Chef Jacques Larson, Obstinate Daughter

Suppose your Chef wants to be better? Maybe they want to fine tune their culinary voice, get the most out of local, seasonal produce, host more effective team meetings, set standards for their kitchen crew, become better managers, or make the jump from manager to effective leader. Maybe they want to be a great guest on the 12:00 pm news and they’ve never done TV. Suppose they want to take a shot at a James Beard nomination, an appearance in a glossy website, or a mention by a media outlet like Eater? I can help.  I’ve been there, done that, and made it happen by sheer willpower and along the way, I learned lots of tricks of the food media trade. 

Discussing the importance of boiled peanuts with the Lee Brothers and Chef Joseph Cash and Chef Jeff Kelly.
Discussing the importance of boiled peanuts with the Lee Brothers and Chef Joseph Cash and Chef Jeff Kelly.
James Beard winners Joel Antunes and Ben Berryhill helping celebrate 33 Liberty's 5th Anniversary

Maybe your Executive Chef is exhausted, frustrated, and isn’t properly managing the day to day operations. Instead of reprimanding them (again) get some help from a Professional Chef that’s been there and successfully found the key to not only managing but leading people into a cohesive team focused on success. Call or text me today and we’ll get together and formulate a plan for success. 


Representing Bell & Evans chicken while Guest Chef on Fox & Friends for their Labor Day Cookout special.

Featured In: Bon Appetit Magazine
Southern Living Magazine
Saveur Magazine
Chili Pepper Magazine
Atlanta Journal
The Food Network
Guest Chef: Disney World Food & Wine Festival
Epicurean Evening, Los Angeles, CA
Lake Austin Resort Chef Series, Austin, TX
Draeger's Market, San Francisco, CA
The SPice Market, New Orleans, La
Kaleidoscope Food & Film Festival, Beaufort, SC
Euphoria, Greenville, SC
James Beard Nomination, Best Chef, Southeast, 2008

With my wife Amy, and Chefs Ben Berryhill, Robert Del Grande, Michael McCarty, Nancy Oakes, and Ben Pollinger
With Chefs Kurtis Baguley, author and TV personality Madeleine Kamman, Maureen Poithier, and Mark Malicki, School for American Chefs, Beringer Vineyards, Napa Valley 1990

Chef Coaching and Mentoring is an investment in your culinary team’s leadership and will involve six weeks of meetings, two per week, 90 minutes average, initially at your operation with later meetings at a neutral setting, between your Chef and Chef Malik and no one else. All discussions will be kept confidential and recommendations will be made between me and the Chef, unless otherwise agreed upon. Your investment will be 3500.00 payable in three equal installments with the first paid prior to the initial meeting. Mileage charges outside of the Greenville metro area, and two meals for two, one lunch, one dinner.  Find me on Venmo at chefjohnmalik. 

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