Restaurant for Sale in Greenville, SC and Beyond

Restaurant for sale in Greenville, SC, and beyond.

Are you ready for your first restaurant in Greenville, SC? Would you like to sell your present restaurant? Are you looking for commercial real estate, an old home, or a defunct gas station to create your chef-driven brasserie? Perhaps your present restaurant isn’t as successful as you would like and you need some help to find out why. I can help you with all of the above.

I’ve been a dish washer, an Executive Chef, a restaurant owner, a Food & Beverage Director, and a Restaurant Coach. I have hotel, CCRC, multi-unit and independent restaurant experience and in 2008 I received a James Beard nomination for Best Chef, Southeast. I have a SC Commercial Real Estate license and I know the Upstate of South Carolina and all of its many towns and neighborhoods. As a Restaurant Broker and Culinary Advisor for National Restaurant Properties, I can help your restaurant become more successful. I’ve helped other operators with culture change, food cost challenges, and streamlining their menu. As a chef I’ve helped young cooks find their culinary voice. As a writer for the Greenville Journal I’ve been able to highlight up and coming restaurants and chefs.

Discussing Southern Cuisine with the Lee Brothers

The Upstate of South Carolina is one of the fastest growing regions of our country, and Greenville County has grown by 16% since 2014. Our city’s metropolitan area is forecasted to grow by an additional 20,000 residents annually. We are a hot spot for independently owned restaurants and our diverse culture embraces every cuisine from Peruvian to (Republic of) Georgia. I’ve been a part of Greenville, SC’s food scene since, well, for a long time and I know where to find the best locally grown produce, and the best rent.

Guest Chef on Sara Moulton’s Primetime, Food Network

If you’re looking for an existing restaurant for sale to call your own, or you’d like to create something from the ground up, give me a call and we’ll sit down and strategize your future.

Cooking on the Poland/Ukraine border with World Central Kitchen during the early days of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Working with the Greenville, SC team at National Restaurant Properties, I can find you the space you’re looking for. I can also help you sell your restaurant for the best price. National Restaurant Properties has is a 50+ year old company and we have offices in Greenville, Columbia, Charleston, Asheville, NC, Charlotte, and Greensboro. At any one time we may have three dozen restaurants, for sale, in our inventory. We keep our owners confidential until the sale is complete and we handle the negotiations between landlord and new owner. National Restaurant Properties has our own ABC Attorney, our own Commercial Contractor, our own finance specialist, a dedicated POS specialist, and all the brain power you’ll need to start your own restaurant. All of us at National Restaurant Properties have extensive experience in the Hospitality business and that’s something no other commercial real estate office can provide.

Studying Cacao and Chocolate at Ixcacao Chocolate, Toledo District, Belize.

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