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For my beautiful wife of 25 years.

For my two kids, even though they’re both presently teenagers and at times bear more resemblance to the Martian visitors in Mars Attacks!  Both of them have the ability to be kind, understanding, courteous and thankful–just not on the same day.

For my extended family.

For my many friends both here in Greenville and across the world.

The basketball team that I coach.

For my Church and the schools where my kids are learning to be responsible adults that will someday earn a living thereby supporting themselves, though that occasionally feels like a dream.

For beautiful sunrises, chocolate souffle, the smile of a pretty girl, music, the ability to work up a sweat, summer tomatoes, great writers, reading glasses, yeast-risen bread, poetry, the surgeon that will very soon fix my knee, bacon, bubble bath, Kathryn, farm fresh eggs and Champagne.

For the many gifts that my Creator has lovingly bestowed upon me.

For the people that have trusted in me to deliver a project or proposal.

For the many favors that have been granted to me and my family.

Merry Christmas!


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