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I can’t remember being shy even though my Mom swore up and down that I was.  I usually sat in the front of the class, didn’t mind speaking up, raised my hand often and volunteered when needed.  As an English Lit major, it was not uncommon for me to recite Byron, Shakespeare or a give a speech in front of a class.  And about the same time I developed a taste for adrenaline.  I’ve  raced road bikes and mountain bikes, held a pilot’s license, steered a Cup Car to 145 miles an hour at Charlotte Motor Speedway, paddled through raging white water, hit 56 miles an hour on a metallic pink San Rensho road bike, rappelled into a cave, and broken a few bones along the way.  I would jump out of an airplane tomorrow if my Amy would let me.  Was I scared doing any of this?  I suppose.  I was definitely nervous but I carried on.  Life isn’t a spectator sport and I believe we should find our niche then jump right in.  Don’t dangle those toes, jump into the pool!

Two weeks ago our Church’s assistant choir director approached me about playing the lead role in a musical.  The Prodigal Clown is a circus-themed retelling of the Prodigal Son and it’s meant for younger kids.  It’s basically the seminal point in our Church’s last summer camp for kids.  I’m going to play Antonio Paraballini, the ringmaster and father figure in the story.  I looked over the script and thought “Sure, I can do this.”  And a week later the director pointed out that Antonio has a solo.  A singing solo.   I’ve had exactly one singing lesson in my life and in two weeks I’ll sing in front of 300+ people.  I think I’d be less scared if I were to kayak over the falls in downtown Greenville.

I really want to dangle my toes on this one.

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