The General Would be Proud

In mid-July, the corn fields of Newberry, SC stand tall. The stalks are but a couple of weeks from harvest and when a slight breeze traveled through, their leaves rustled with a paper on paper sound. In the 95 degree/105 heat index heat somehow the fastest cyclists found a way to average 23 mph. They […]

Racing Butterflies

The sweat is stinging my eyes, rolling across my lips, drenching the back of my neck, and clouding my glasses. My heart is thumping along at 175 beats per minute, a few beats over my recommended maximum, and I’m fighting for every pedal stroke while gulping air like nobody’s business. I’m gripping the bars and […]


My alarm will go off at 5:00 am but I’ll probably wake up at 4:00. My team is coming over for breakfast at 6:00 am and we’ll spend an hour trying to shake off our nervous energy. I’ll bake an egg, potato, bacon and cheddar cheese casserole and make some sweet potato waffles. My wife […]

39 in a 35

Yes, that’s 39 miles per hour. That was my maximum speed attained on this past Thursday’s ride. I’ve gone faster. I’ve actually hit 55 mph (that’s a story for another day.) And yes, I know it’s dangerous to go that fast on a bike with only a thin layer of lycra as protection. I also […]

Going Up?

I got out of the house early today because I knew the afternoon temps would be unbearable. And by 9:00 am I was in Traveler’s Rest and headed for Paris Mountain. The #SCRTR  will be a contest in endurance, man and woman against machine, with the machine being the bike. You’ve got to be able […]

Seeing Ghosts

When I was much younger I fought and was wounded in several wars, worked in one of the most important aircraft factories in the country, travelled into outer space, won a world championship in cycling, and rescued not one but two beautiful brunettes from hardened criminals.  I still have their lipstick stains on my collar […]