Bones of Winter

Skeletons of January
Once so alive
Green hands and fingers danced against our blue sky
Muscular legs beneath uplifted arms
Shade and sanctuary to the young and old of the air
Wrens, cardinals, jays, and finch
Days of sunshine, ample blue sky
Naked toes on soft green carpet
Memories buried under winter’s white veil
Distant thoughts hiding beneath these bare January bones
Arms, hands, fingers now silent, faded
They scratch at January’s swollen grey sky
Pierce its clouds, drain its snow
Wrens, cardinals, jays, and finch
Shiver in the bare biceps of their January skeleton
And sing of summer’s soft green carpet, dancing leaves, warm skies
While we all huddle
Under the bare bones
Of this January skeleton

~ John



One Response

  1. This was such a beautiful and fitting poem for these January days. Thank you!

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