A Walk with the Widow

The dog and I often get up just before the sun.  I really don’t mind.  I enjoy being outside at that time of the day.  Man-made sounds are scarce and natural ones are abundant.  As the sun peeks over the horizon, Jupiter and Pegasus take their leave and gently fade away.  The scents of summer fill the air as we make our way down the length of the tree line.  This time of the year we often find jasmine, honey suckle, blackberry and dandelion scenting the air.  On these walks we are often accompanied by the neighborhood widow.  She’s reclusive, prefers to keep her distance yet she often sings to us.  Her song is melancholic and distant yet her voice is so beautiful.  I find her song calming and reassuring, a sign that summer has taken hold and we should enjoy it’s relaxed pace.  She sings to us, but it’s a quick solo arietta, the envy of all that are awake at this hour.  She’s never comfortable in one place so we often hear her song in a different part of the neighborhood.  And when the sun has climbed over the horizon and warmed the earth she returns to her home and spends her day in solitude.  She must be terribly lonely.  When I hear her song, I wonder if she’s calling out to another widow, one that will understand her desire for solitude.  If you’re quiet and hold still, you can hear her in the distance.  Listen to The Widow’s Song.



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  1. This piece of writing is so special somehow. It ” feels” like a lovely summer walk. Plus, to actually hear the widow bird sing her song transported me to that place. Nice work! :))

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