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Watermelon Mojito


I believe I read somewhere that watermelon is the most popular fruit in the world.  Embraced by all cultures, all ages and all nationalities, watermelons were first grown by the Egyptians almost 5,000 years ago.  And aren’t the early Egyptians the same guys that first brewed beer?  Genius.

Once you cut into an average size watermelon, good luck eating the whole thing before it runs all over your refrigerator.   A small one weighs in at five pounds and they’re 92 to 93% water so once opened up, they’re going to drip, it’s inevitable.  So next time you crack open one of these, try juicing the melon and turning that into a mojito.

Start with a fine mesh strainer and a large bowl and make sure you have a mop bucket with plenty of hot water waiting nearby.

Make sure you wash the outside of your melon before slicing

Cut or scoop chunks of the melon then just squeeze

I said squeeze!

From half a melon I extracted over a half gallon of juice

Now let’s make that Mojito

1/4 of a Lime

8 Mint leaves

1`Mint sprig

1 teaspoon sugar

1/2 a ripe Peach, peeled and quartered

1 ounce of White Rum (but we’re all going to use more than an ounce) 😉

2 ounces of Club Soda

Watermelon Juice

Crushed Ice

1 Hot Summer Day 

Muddle the lime, sugar and mint leaves at the bottom of the glass.  Add the peach and rum then stir.  Add ice, club soda then top with watermelon juice and garnish with a sprig of mint.  Aaahhh… 

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