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The Inscrutable Mind of a 14 Year-Old Boy


We have a guest bathroom in our house. It’s on the first floor, just a small bathroom with a toilet, sink, a mirror and some decorative sconces filled with dried flowers on either side of the mirror.

Wall Sconce

There’s no room in that bathroom for toiletries because it’s a guest bathroom, for guests, and you wouldn’t want your guests to see your collection of creams, ointments, prescriptions, emollients and dyes.  So there’s no room for those items.  Yet to the mind of a 14 year-old, this represents a problem to be solved.  My son likes to brush his teeth in that bathroom.  Forget the fact that he has a perfectly acceptable bathroom attached to his bedroom, within easy walking distance of his bed, clothes and other necessities of life.  For the past six weeks or so I’ve been finding his toothbrush and toothpaste in that bathroom along with smears of toothpaste on the wall, floor, faucet, mirror and sink.  So I’ve been adamantly asking him not to brush his teeth in the guest bathroom and Amy and I thought he had agreed because for a few days his toothbrush has not been seen in the guest bathroom.  Last week Amy found a pile of dried flowers on the floor of the guest bathroom so she blamed one of our conniving cats, swept it up and carried on with her life.



The next day and more dried flowers were on the floor.  Those of you that have or have had teenagers in your house have already solved this mystery.  Amy took a close look at one of the wall sconces and saw something white shoved into the arrangement.


Yep, it was a toothbrush.  The other sconce hid the toothpaste.  At least he hadn’t hidden them behind the toilet.  I love him very much and he’s a great kid.  I wonder though, did I do stuff like this when I was 14?

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