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When my wife and I were in the restaurant business, there was nothing I wouldn’t do for press.  It was all about keeping our little place relevant and buzz worthy.  When April Fool’s Day was on the horizon I would go to great lengths to write a fictitious press release then attempt to get our local press to bite that hook and publish my release.  This is one that I wrote in 2005 and my good friends at the Greenville News published it with a bold headline in the Sunday business news, word for word.  I think it may be some of my best work 😉


Press Release


RE: 33 Liberty Restaurant & Catering

33 Liberty Restaurant & Catering announces the purchase and implementation of the most sophisticated software designed specifically for the fine dining restaurant industry.  Utilizing the latest software advancements from the Four-One Software Company of California, Predict A Table is able to successfully predict a customer’s order based upon a number of variables.  “We are very excited to be able to fully utilize this cutting edge technology,” says John Malik, Chef/Owner of 33 Liberty, the fine dining restaurant of Greenville, SC. Predict-A-Table takes input through a dedicated Internet connection and interfaces with current Microsoft and Quicken programs.  Predict-A-Table takes into account the customer’s previous dining preferences, the frequency that the customer dines at the restaurant, the variables of the menu the last time that particular customer dined, the current menu, the current weather conditions as well as the weather on previous visits to the restaurant, the day’s activity of the Dow Jones Industrial average and the closing numbers of the 3 major stock indexes.  Predict-A-Table has a 97.75% rate of accuracy and it is very impressive to the customer when the wait staff can suggest a complete dinner to the guest that will have the guest saying “How did you know that is what I was going to order?”  John Malik says that by the end of April his Predict-A-Table system will be fully operational and once a customer dines at 33 Liberty twice within 60 days, a customer preference profile will be created.  It is this profile that Predict-A-Table uses to identify ordering habits and dining preferences.

33 Liberty, the fine dining destination restaurant in Greenville, SC is owned and operated by John & Amy Malik.  33 Liberty serves dinner Tuesday through Saturday evenings beginning at 6:00 PM.  33 Liberty is on the web at





  • KJ Waters
    Posted at 19:06h, 01 April Reply

    Oh, man I love this John! Did they suspect you were full of crap?

  • shaunda wenger
    Posted at 21:54h, 05 April Reply

    made me smile! I’ll have to reference this in an upcoming post I’m doing at the Blood Red Pencil about press releases. What a fun idea!

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