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Jessica the Carpenter


When I first read Jessica Kristie’s poetry, I was stunned into silence.  Jessica has an incredible, God-given talent to polish, soften and shape a handful of words into three demensional images and breathtaking emotions.  Take a few minutes from your busy day to read Waiting Bridges.  First close your eyes, take a deep breath, then slowly read Waiting Bridges.  Now read it again, a little slower.  As my first taste of real Champagne, Jessica’s words are extraordinary beautiful and revealing.  I’m in awe of her ability to smooth out the language, to carefully hone images and draw out emotions, all from a sparse 75 words.  Jessica has two collections of poetry available Threads of Life and Dreaming in Darkness. This is some of the most honest, heart-breaking, achingly beautiful writing I have read.  Jessica has earned international praise and adulation from writers and reviewers and rightly so.  Jessica shapes words into visions much like a gifted carpenter creates lasting beauty out of a rough-hewn piece of wood.

Jessica has a new book, strictly an e-book titled Weekly Inspirations, it’s a collection of daily affirmations designed to remind us what’s important in our busy lives and though it’s geared towards writers, anyone can understand and appreciate her advice and inspiration. 

Although I’m just a cook, Jessica has been very supoportive of me so I owe her a debt of gratitude.  If you enjoy her work or trust my judgment of poetry, by all means please purchase her books.

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