February’s winds brought heavy grey skies

Thick with a Southern surprise

I stood at the window, took in the sight

Of a tree, sturdy and aged, that’s brought us many a morning delight

A home to sparrows, mockers, Juncos and warblers that

Enchant with song, dazzle our eye, and often confound the cat

She joined me with coffee, warm and bright

And her touch, familiar, inviting

This burden of winter, will our tree survive?

Perhaps we should help, just a little, with a shake

To loosen winter’s weight

And our eyes turned to him…oh great

He groaned, yet obeyed, and soon our tree was alive

With its own dance of thanks

As branches returned to their place

And the smile to his face

That tree’s seen a lot, still sturdy and strong

We agree it has room to grow

Though it requires a nudge or occasional brace

She smiled and whispered

Offered a kiss then considered

The treasure of February’s embrace


© John Malik, 2014




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