Doughnuts for Amy

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Doughnuts for Amy is a tender, compassionate and emotional story of romance and redemption.  Nick St. Germaine, Executive Chef of Woodmont, a retirement community in the upstate of Greenville, is struggling emotionally as he approaches the second anniversary of the death of his wife, Robin.  Unable to handle the business of running their successful restaurant, Nick sells the restaurant then drops out of the public eye.  He spends a year bonding with his son as they try to come to terms with Robin’s death.  When Woodmont’s Chef suddenly falls ill, Jack Carrollton, Woodmont’s developer seeks out Nick and asks him to take over the enormous kitchen.

Plagued by nightmares and challenged by his son to move forward one day at a time, Nick believes he is doing that, but just barely.  He takes solace in early morning workouts at his gym, long runs and even longer hours in Woodmont’s kitchen.  A sudden change in management brings a new Director to Woodmont; Amy Sommers, a divorced nurse with little knowledge of the food & beverage business.  He’s quick to show his disdain for Amy, so much so that she comes close to showing him the door her first day on the job yet Amy soon earns his respect.  As she begins to manage the many facets of Woodmont, she soon realizes her greatest challenge lies in the broken heart of Nick St. Germaine.

Filled with delectable food, endearing octogenarians, quirky cooks, World War Two vets, a few cranky widows and of course a delicious scene in which Nick makes a certain fried pastry; Doughnuts for Amy is a six course tasting menu of fork-tender romance that’ll have you asking “what’s for dessert?”

Author John Malik along with his wife Amy owned and operated 33 Liberty Restaurant in Greenville, SC from 2001 until 2008 and following that John was Executive Chef at two retirement communities in the Greenville area.  John received a James Beard semi-finalist nomination for Best Chef in the Southeast in 2008.  While 33 Liberty was open John’s online essays on BBQ, Peaches, Kids, Dogs, Root Canals, dining with Sara Moulton and trading shots with Tony Bourdain were a highlight of the Southern food scene.  John began writing stories for his Mom when he was in 5th grade.  He has a B/A in English from Southeastern Louisiana University.  Doughnuts for Amy is his first novel.

Doughnuts for Amy is available through Winter Goose Publishing.


4 thoughts on “Doughnuts for Amy”

  1. Just finished “Doughnuts for Amy”. Looking forward to “Murder for Amy”. From the teaser at the end of “Doughnuts” it appears that Nick is back at Woodmont and still calling Amy “Miss Sommers. Should be a fun read.

  2. Yo, Chef John- Just finished Doughnuts for Amy. A fantastic summertime read and I really enjoyed the Greenville references. Thanks, this was a great tale, I cannot wait for your next.


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