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A Liebster Award for!


One of the many advantages of Twitter is the ability to “meet” people from all over the world from the comfort and safety of your pajamas.  Not that I wear pajamas, however I have met an incredible group of writers, foodies, bloggers, friends, chefs, etc. through Twitter.  And what people like this have done is they have created a new reality.  No longer are we bound by the many so called “experts” in a given field.  The ever expanding social media has allowed heretofore unknowns to emerge in many fields without having to be anointed by traditional media or press.  So it is with great pride that I announce the first award for my blog.  I have received a “Leibster Award.”  In the blogging world, it’s basically a chain-letter that bloggers pass on to one another as a way to say that they enjoy and appreciate your work and and want their followers to take a look at your blog.  Tom Stronach, a blogger and grandfather in the UK has awarded me my first Liebster and I’m thrilled.  He made mention of my essay titled “Christmas Wishes.”  A word of caution, Tom may have a “saucy” (his adjective) photo or two on his site.  Thank you Tom!

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