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Anderson, SC Restaurant Opportunity

221 Brown Road, Anderson, SC

Property owner is a retired IT manager/developer looking to convert a 60 year old house and 1.0 acre plot into a fun, family friendly craft beer centered grill or brew pub. House is approximately 2K+ square feet, two story and in the process of being gutted. Owner is presently building deck and he envisions a bustling outdoor space. There is ample parking and Shell station C store is also property of the owner.  Zoned C1

Location is within a half mile of the bustle of Clemson Boulevard and nicely sandwiched between the high end of Anderson residential communities. Brown Road location sees 10K vehicles per 24 hours.

Owner is cash positive and is willing to consider a rent free revenue share model or traditional rent arrangement.

Please email John Malik at chefjohnmalik at gmail dot com

Front view

Owner willing to consider additional privacy fencing between location and rear of C Store

Prime location for an outdoor space

basement flooring is reclaimed mill wood

looking to the left of house

Shell C Store, 221 Brown Road

Click for video of the front of house: 20180429_133212

Click here for video of the rear of property

Anderson, SC has a median income of census on median income of $43,500

Anderson, SC loves to eat out and presently is underserved by locally-owned, concept based restaurants


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