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Jack Russell Social Media Consulting

So you’re looking for great Social Media in Greenville, SC?  Well read on…

“Turn left at the dirt road.” Simple, right?  Yet at the time the small town of Robert, LA was practically devoid of paved roads so if you were having a big crayfish boil at a hunting camp at the end of a winding dirt road, how would your friends find YOUR dirt road?  John Perilloux and I came up with a simple solution.  We painted an enormous sign that read “The Dirt Road” then nailed it 15 feet high on the telephone pole at the entrance to the dirt road.   No one had trouble finding our party.


Too bad websites don’t come with big signs pointing customers to content

Now think about this.  Your website has great content, a weekly blog, plenty of useful information, testimonials, upcoming events, photographs, special events and yet how will your customers actually find it?  What simple sign will direct them to your gathering?  Today it’s not as easy as putting up a big sign.

Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Instagram, Google+, RSS, Pinterest, Four Square and on and on.  How can a business use these road signs to help customers find their content without them getting lost along the way?

Jack Russell Social Media Consulting, that’s how.

Social Media is all about developing relationships, both long-term and short.  The various Social Media platforms have different strengths and weaknesses, and there’s a science and an art to maximizing each one to bring viewers to your web content.  And that’s where we come in.  We’ll fetch viewers and bring them to your website, tell you what they’re looking at and how long they stay.  We’ll give advice on Search Engine Optimization to your web master, critique your landing pages and provide monthly insight into your web-based customers  habits.


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