The Things You do For Love

“Too many broken hearts have fallen in the river Too many lonely souls have drifted out to sea You lay your bets and then you pay the price The things we do for love, the things we do for love” 10 CC from their hit, The Things We do For Love, 1977   She wanted […]

Where Have All The Good Cooks Gone?

From the minute I walked into my first professional kitchen, I knew I was meant to be there. I loved everything about it. The pace, the intensity, all the insane foods that I’d only read about and the impossibly high standards set by a larger than life Parisian-born Chef. You did not question his methods, […]

See Food

The old joke of a cyclist during racing season was the “I’m on that See Food diet. When I see food, I eat it.” And that’s how I feel right now. Last week I put in almost 250 miles and this week I hope to match that. And of course my metabolism is through the […]

The 20 mph Vista

It’s the vista. When one climbs onto a road bike and heads out for a ride, the beauty of God’s creation is at your beck and call. Whether you ride at a 15 mph average or 20 mph average, the opportunity to get out and experience the glory of this earth is well within your […]

Good Humor is the Clear Blue Sky of the Soul

Not that long ago, just off the coast of south Florida, our country stood at the brink of an all out nuclear exchange.  Russian and American submarines, surface ships, aircraft carriers, fighters, soldiers, and strategic bombers gathered in and around the island of Cuba and stared each other down. The US Army had almost a […]

Five for Ten

There goes the neighborhood. As the accolades pour in for my beloved hometown of Greenville, it all comes with a Yogi Berra sort of price tag. No one goes there anymore because it’s too crowded. Seriously, if you live anywhere but Main Street, visiting Main Street now feels like going to a new town.  As […]

Greenville Small Plate Crawl

Three years ago, my friend Nicole Livengood cooked up a food-centered event for Greenville. It’s the Small Plate Crawl and it gives diners the ability to sample tastings from numerous restaurants in just a couple of days. I hope you’ll participate because it’s quite clever and fun. It’s easy to play along and only requires […]