Raising Six Grand

For the last four years I’ve made a donation to our local Juvenile Diabetes (JDRF) fundraiser.  This is a great charity, the local group raises hundreds of thousands of dollars, and they always score very high for efficiency and effectiveness.  And our community gets very involved in the fundraising.  This group never sits still; they sponsor […]

So How Did You Hurt Your Knee?

“Don’t go in there John!   The propane tanks are going to go off!” I hesitated.  Yeah, yeah, tell me all about the propane tanks now, some photographer he was.  The window panes shattered as the fire leaped from the building yet through the crackle of flames I distinctly heard the panicked “meows” from dozens of […]


For my beautiful wife of 25 years. For my two kids, even though they’re both presently teenagers and at times bear more resemblance to the Martian visitors in Mars Attacks!  Both of them have the ability to be kind, understanding, courteous and thankful–just not on the same day. For my extended family. For my many […]

The Good Lady Upstairs

Bonnie, our faithful and fearless Jack Russell Terrier was growling, a deep threatening growl that meant business.  She was determined not to let this intruder near our bed.  The hair on the back of her neck spiked upward and her teeth were bared.  She was this close to leaping on and ripping into this intruder.  […]

From Brooklyn to Bourbon

As a kid growing up in south Louisiana our little town celebrated a smoked pork sausage with a three day fair, the Andouille Festival.  We would grill it, fry it, put it on a stick, toss it into jambalaya and gumbo and even award a local beauty with the title of Miss Andouille Festival. Small […]

Hot Stones or Deep Tissue?

A friend of mine recently gave me one heck of a present, a massage.  So I made my reservation and at the appointed time I introduced myself to a lovely young woman and proceeded to get undressed.  She offered me the choice of deep tissue or hot stones and naturally I answered “Yes please!”  After […]

I won a Date with Tony Bourdain

From the Fall of 2006 It’s 7:00 a.m. on a Friday morning and I’m lying in bed watching the ceiling fan as it slowly induces in me some well-deserved motion sickness. At least I am in a very nice bed and the bathroom is only a short crawl away. I’m 44 years old and I haven’t […]

Jessica the Carpenter

When I first read Jessica Kristie’s poetry, I was stunned into silence.  Jessica has an incredible, God-given talent to polish, soften and shape a handful of words into three demensional images and breathtaking emotions.  Take a few minutes from your busy day to read Waiting Bridges.  First close your eyes, take a deep breath, then slowly read Waiting Bridges.  Now […]

The Ageless Appeal of Pinot Noir

Thomas Torrey, the web and video genius for Senior Living Communities, shot this video of me hosting a Pinto Noir tasting in the dining room of my former place of employment.  I loved getting out of the kitchen and doing fun events such as this.  My wine tastings always a big hit and a lot […]

Morel Mushrooms

Saturday afternoon we got a phone call from a gentleman that hunts mushrooms.  He found a patch of yellow morels and he wanted to know if we would buy some.  Jason, the Chef/Owner of Stella’s Bistro responded emphatically, “Damn right!”  As he got off the phone he turned to me and relayed the good news and asked […]