Murder Control

Robert’s grip was as strong as steel. His heavily tattooed arms were as thick as my quads and in his grip I felt helpless. You see, Robert was a convicted murderer and even after spending almost four days with him, I wasn’t prepared for what came next. His tears…running down my neck, staining my shirt, […]

Merry Christmas Brother Malik

I routinely attend church. And it’s a very nice church. Our house of worship is about 190 years old with soaring ceilings, gorgeous stained glass, hand-finished wooden pews, an enormous organ, brass fixtures, and a marble topped altar. Our worship services can be incredibly inspirational and our rector is a gifted speaker, able to deliver […]

Defeat, and Victory

The look in my son’s eyes was something I hadn’t seen in him before. He clutched me, hugged me as only one that benches 225 can, and bawled loudly. In 18 years, he’s never cried like this.  I offered the only words that seemed to make sense. “You did your best.” He’s a football player. […]

Eyes Up!

A handful of shimmering leaves, shades of green, yellow, and gold, twisted through my field of vision.  Moistened by the midnight rain, they fluttered to the road, clung to the rocky shoulder, and twirled into the mist. A feathery blanket of fog melted into the valleys while sunlight sparkled on the peaks of the Blue […]

A High Note

  Finally the rain had abated.  The last four or five Saturday mornings have been awash in combinations of rain, lightning, wind and thunder.  However, this past weekend the biggest meteorological threat was sunburn.  We all slept in to what I consider late, 7:30 for the adults, 9:00 for the teenagers.  After sharing coffee and […]

Dear God,

It’s been six months and you know how your people love milestones and I guess I’m no different.  So I’m writing to say thank you.  I know I promised I was going to do some things better but I don’t feel like I’ve followed through.  I promise I’m trying.  I apologize for not coming to […]

Goodbye Melet

  I’ve done plenty of tough things in my life and being a Dad is definitely the hardest; the job description changes almost daily.  As both parents and children grow and evolve so do the challenges of parenting.   Yet I’ve known folks that have made it look easy and Melet Antonakos was one of those […]

Operation #Cronut

By now the entire food world has heard of and salivated over a Cronut.  It’s a doughnut made from croissant dough, says Chef Dominique Ansel, owner of Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York’s SoHo district.  Now Chef Ansel is no flash in the pan; for many years he was Daniel Boulud’s pastry chef and if […]

Goodbye Pip

It was just another late Spring afternoon, the warm May breeze had our neighborhood’s flowers dancing and our minds on thoughts of a summer filled with a lot of nothing.  The four of us were walking home from the pool when Holly said we were being followed.  We looked back and saw an obviously lost, […]


Anyone can cook a whole hog, it’s not as daunting a task as it may seem.  In the South, that kind of cooking happens every weekend.  Whole hog BBQ is usually done in support of a big event such as a birthday party, church gathering or a fundraiser for a local charity.  But if one […]