Chocolate, cacao, and white truffles

“White Truffle Cappuccino courtesy Chef Colicchio.”The waiter gently placed a delicate bowl in front of me then silently made way for another gentleman with something more modern, more clever than the teapot it resembled. He poured out the contents of this teapot, an opaque, caramel-colored liquid, with a luscious, luxurious texture. Its aromas reached up, […]

Lima Beans and Cacao Pods

It’s cantaloupe. No wait, lemons, and is that guava, and oof! The sting of vinegar tickles the insides of my nose. Cacao beans, an entire Igloo ice chest full of them are right in front of me and they’re almost vibrating with life. When the beans went in 24 hours ago, they were so fruity […]

The Mayan PB & J

Her wood fire crackled, radiating heat into the center of her already 80+ degree home. In this part of Belize, everyone sweats. There’s little electricity, air-conditioning is a very rare luxury, and there’s work to be done. Work for Mrs. Bo is making tortillas, by hand, sometimes 200 or more per day. Mrs. Bo is […]

Escape to Belize…NOW

Ready to Visit Belize? We arrived here on November 2nd, 2020 for a year-long adventure. And I believe that qualifies us to answer your questions about your desire to visit Belize. Vaccines are being administered, travelers are making plans and Belize hasn’t been affected by the pandemic like some other countries you’ve read about. Now […]


“I was nine years old and the air tank on my back was as tall as I was. I remember how beautiful the water was that day and it was just me and my uncle on his boat, out by the reef. He adjusted my mask and asked me if I could breathe. I took […]



“Well shit. Now what?” Sunday morning’s news wasn’t good. A tropical storm had formed in the Caribbean, it would strengthen, then head for Belize. As were we. Our home had been emptied off its contents and was safely stored, our cats had new homes, our chickens likewise, our jobs but a memory. We had a […]

My Own Funeral

I went to my own funeral this past weekend. It was a somber affair, me slipping through this mortal world, quietly seeking out signs of my joyous former life. The mourners hugged me, questioned my whereabouts, wondered when we would see one another again and at the end of the day my memory was toasted […]

Tin Roof Farm is For Rent

Are you looking for a unique rental home in Greenville County, South Carolina? Our Tin Roof Farm in Piedmont, SC, a 15 minute drive from downtown Greenville, SC is available for rent. And we’ll rent it to you with, or without chickens. Our farm house, built in 1959, has been significantly renovated and features almost […]

The Restaurant Coach

“Chef Malik, we’d like to talk to you regarding our new restaurant in Sumter, SC, and coaching us through our reopening.” Sumter? Are they kidding? That was my first thought. A fried chicken house in Sumter wanted to waste thirty minutes of my time with inane questions about canned green beans or instant grits. “Hey […]

The Skeptics Have Landed

50 years ago, three American astronauts traveled to the moon, two of them landed on it, then all three returned safely to Earth. In the following years six other missions went to the moon, one failed to arrive (Apollo 13) while the other five had successful flights. 12 Americans have set foot on our moon […]