“I’m Going Home” Part 5 of Phil and Rannie’s Story

I surprise Rannie.  Usually I call before coming over but this time I just showed up.  She opens the door and her eyes light up.  “Hello my love!”  We hug one another, she invites me in then offers me a scotch but I settle for water. “Well honestly I think I’m out of scotch anyway, […]

“A Friend is Coming to Visit” Part 4 of Phil and Rannie’s Story

Phil has lost more weight, his pajama clad form looks as if he’s become one with the bed, and his body has sort of melded into the sheets and blankets.  I sit down next to him and reach for his hand and he grimaces in pain so I release his hand.  For weeks his daughters […]

“Mr. Tall, Grey and Handsome” Part 3 of Phil and Rannie’s Story

Phil is asleep today.  I look into his bedroom and he’s noticeably thinner.  His skin looks like it’s clinging directly to his bones.  Cancer will do that.  I put my arm around Rannie and she droops her head on my shoulder.  A silent tear races down her cheek.  “I’m going to miss him so much.  […]

“I Brought You Some Cookies” Part 2 of Phil and Rannie’s Story

“Chocolate chip with cinnamon.” Phil is lying in bed and looks noticeably thinner, his right eye is a little crooked but when he sees me he breaks into an enormous smile.  He props himself up on his elbows, grimaces in pain then his smile quickly returns.  Earlier that day I stopped at a traditional grocery […]

“Are You Scared?” Part 1 of Phil and Rannie’s Story

The bedside pump softly gurgles as it pushes oxygen through fresh water.  White noise, it’s rain softly falling on a tin roof or the gentle whoosh of seawater on a sandy shore.  Just the accompaniment for a dying man.  Phil draws a breath through the clear tube and reaches to his nose, adjusts the tubes […]