Garlic & Gauloises

Now that I’ve been picked up by a real publisher, I’ve found that I have a new family. I’m now a part of the Winter Goose Publishing family and all of us lean on and support one another. We disagree, we laugh, cheer and occasionally poke good natured fun at one another. I haven’t quite […]

Interview with The Poet

In celebration of National Poetry Month, I’ve interviewed poet Jessica Kristie. A Rod McKuen 8-Track. That was my first exposure to poetry and looking back, it didn’t resonate with me because if my sisters liked it then I wanted no part of it. And if this guy was so special, how come he didn’t have […]

Solo, Page 49

I can’t remember being shy even though my Mom swore up and down that I was.  I usually sat in the front of the class, didn’t mind speaking up, raised my hand often and volunteered when needed.  As an English Lit major, it was not uncommon for me to recite Byron, Shakespeare or a give […]

Catholic Guilt, in a Romance

Now there’s a gamble.  A Romance n0vel with a Catholic theme yet my writer friend Deanne Wilsted has persevered.  Her novel, Untangling the Knot is a charming novel of Gabrielle Bessu, a wedding planner at St. Therese who makes a simple scheduling error (ok, it’s a very far-fetched one, scheduling a couple for an annulment […]

Coffee Cans and Bacon Fat

Paul Fehribach isn’t interested in coffee that comes in a can but he certainly knows how to use a coffee can.  At Big Jones, his bustling Chicago homage to traditional Southern cuisine, he is recreating the type of homestead cooking that his great-grandmother pioneered at her family farmstead along the Buffalo Trace. “She used to […]

A Walk with the Widow

The dog and I often get up just before the sun.  I really don’t mind.  I enjoy being outside at that time of the day.  Man-made sounds are scarce and natural ones are abundant.  As the sun peeks over the horizon, Jupiter and Pegasus take their leave and gently fade away.  The scents of summer […]

The Perfect Margarita

This is from our good friend and the neighbor I wish I had, Barbara Keibel.  Barbara has a great website, Creative Culinary and every Friday she whips up a classic cocktail and shares it with her neighbors in Denver, Colorado.  Later she’ll share it with her readers.  This past Friday she posted the perfect Margarita […]

Jessica the Carpenter

When I first read Jessica Kristie’s poetry, I was stunned into silence.  Jessica has an incredible, God-given talent to polish, soften and shape a handful of words into three demensional images and breathtaking emotions.  Take a few minutes from your busy day to read Waiting Bridges.  First close your eyes, take a deep breath, then slowly read Waiting Bridges.  Now […]