Garlic & Gauloises

Now that I’ve been picked up by a real publisher, I’ve found that I have a new family. I’m now a part of the Winter Goose Publishing family and all of us lean on and support one another. We disagree, we laugh, cheer and occasionally poke good natured fun at one another. I haven’t quite […]

Interview with The Poet

In celebration of National Poetry Month, I’ve interviewed poet Jessica Kristie. A Rod McKuen 8-Track. That was my first exposure to poetry and looking back, it didn’t resonate with me because if my sisters liked it then I wanted no part of it. And if this guy was so special, how come he didn’t have […]

Sharon, will you go out with me?

  It took me twenty minutes to make the ten minute drive to the bank.  My palms were sweating and my heart was racing as I finally came to a stop at the drive through.  Sharon waved and smiled, pulled the microphone close and said “Hi John.”  I fumbled with the metal cylinder, inserted my […]