Your Dog is Too Big

I’ve been watching Master Class and perhaps my favorite episode is courtesy Chris Voss. He was the FBI’s lead hostage negotiator for years and his lessons are filled with clever tactics to get your point across whether one is negotiating for a raise, with their teenage daughter, or an international terrorist holding hostages. One of […]

What Have I Learned in Six Months?

I came here for a good argument.Ah, no you didn’t. You came here for an argument.An argument isn’t just contradiction.Well, it can be.No, it can’t.An argument is a connected series of statements intended to establish a proposition.No, it isn’t.Yes, it is. It isn’t just contradiction.Look, if I argue with you, I must take up a […]

San Pedro Sun Rise

The beauty of life on an island, one that points north/south, is the sunrise. Our little house is parallel to the beach and I’m usually up by 5:00. I’ll make coffee first then ready Otis’s food. Our tiny patio is ten steps off the beach. It faces east, north east. As the sun begins to […]

Escape to Belize…NOW

Ready to Visit Belize? We arrived here on November 2nd, 2020 for a year-long adventure. And I believe that qualifies us to answer your questions about your desire to visit Belize. Vaccines are being administered, travelers are making plans and Belize hasn’t been affected by the pandemic like some other countries you’ve read about. Now […]

The Best Bites of San Pedro’s DFC

After seeking out the best eats of DFC, the working-class neighborhood of San Pedro, Belize, I believe I’ve been humbled thanks to a young lady from Honduras and the green bananas she cooked for us. Recently we joined culinary forces with Rebecca Coutant, the force behind San Pedro Scoop, the most widely read and followed […]

Parrots & Horchata in the DFC

On our first morning here back in November we were excited by bird call from a host of tropical flyers. Squeaking Kiskadees, trilling hummingbirds, clucking kingfishers, warbling warblers, jabbering Grackles, boo hooing White Wing Doves, oddly quiet mockingbirds and the most provocative were the parrots. The common parrot here on Ambergris Caye is the Olive […]

Salt Water and Sea Turtles

A soft pull or a gentle tug. That’s how to get your snorkeling partner’s attention. Something more dramatic could mean a spinning propeller is bearing down on you. This was a hard yank. I turn to Amy on my left and she’s pointing down and there, twenty feet below us, effortlessly gliding through the blue, […]

Christmas ‘cakes

sourdough coconut pancakes

Sourdough coconut pancakes with fresh coconut and bananas give the taste of the islands to Christmas morning.


“I was nine years old and the air tank on my back was as tall as I was. I remember how beautiful the water was that day and it was just me and my uncle on his boat, out by the reef. He adjusted my mask and asked me if I could breathe. I took […]

The Best Chocolate in The World

In my hands is a basalt stone, about the size of a small running shoe. I’m rubbing  roasted cocoa nibs on a metate, (mah tah tay), a curved tablet of rough-hewn stone, and watching the cocoa bean components melt into that familiar texture of warm, dark chocolate. Chris offers me a small spoon and I […]