“Mr. Ready’s Coming!”

  For a cook, there’s something very endearing about a cookbook that contains a recipe that begins with, “For 1,000 pounds of pork…”  For a modern chef that would translate into 12 eighty-pound cases of pork butts.  And that my friends, is a lot of pork. From Rivets and Rails, Recipes of a Railroad Boarding […]

Do you hear that?

  Those were foot-steps.  No question about it.  Even in the darkness I could see the fright on my wife’s face.  She threw the blanket over her and clutched me like never before, the flesh on my shoulders proving no match for her recently manicured nails.  Someone was walking on the third floor of my […]

Watermelon Mojito

I believe I read somewhere that watermelon is the most popular fruit in the world.  Embraced by all cultures, all ages and all nationalities, watermelons were first grown by the Egyptians almost 5,000 years ago.  And aren’t the early Egyptians the same guys that first brewed beer?  Genius. Once you cut into an average size watermelon, good […]

Gingered Captain Black

A few weeks ago Captain Morgan was in town.  The Captain had sponsored a contest to highlight their new Black Rum and our bartender Jay entered with a first class drink, Gingered Captain Black.  To the winner went a booty of Captain Black treasure so Jay went for broke.  For this drink you’ll first need […]

Hand cut Fries for Amy

My wife loves French fries (OK we all do) but we rarely eat them.  When we do, they’re usually homemade.  Ever had soggy fries from a burger joint that makes their own?  Yeah, they can be pretty worthless if done improperly.  Making fries at home isn’t hard but it can be a bit time consuming […]

I won a Date with Tony Bourdain

From the Fall of 2006 It’s 7:00 a.m. on a Friday morning and I’m lying in bed watching the ceiling fan as it slowly induces in me some well-deserved motion sickness. At least I am in a very nice bed and the bathroom is only a short crawl away. I’m 44 years old and I haven’t […]

The Perfect Margarita

This is from our good friend and the neighbor I wish I had, Barbara Keibel.  Barbara has a great website, Creative Culinary and every Friday she whips up a classic cocktail and shares it with her neighbors in Denver, Colorado.  Later she’ll share it with her readers.  This past Friday she posted the perfect Margarita […]