Blondie in The Water

I love salt water.  I love being tossed about by the wave and I love feeling the tug and push of the tides.  I find it mesmerizing.  I can’t think of a better example to describe our planet’s forces of nature.  Get into the salt water on an East coast beach and you won’t need to think about how complex our planet is, you’ll feel it. I love to swim through it and float on it and I love listening to it, especially at night.  Years ago we used to routinely vacation at Pawley’s Island.  That’s where I first fell in love with salt water and there’s nothing like the gentle, constant whoosh and pop of the waves, it’s my favorite music.

This past summer my wife and I had spent a week at Fripp Island.  One particular night was breathtakingly clear.  Low tide, sparkling starlight and a nearly full moon.  Amy and I pedaled our bikes across the slightly damp sand and chased our shadows for thirty or forty minutes.  We dodged a few crabs and a shooting star or two before taking a break just long enough to share a few kisses.

I think KJ Waters shares that same love for salt water and that’s why I love reading her blog.  She clearly understands the attraction.  There’s a sensuality to being immersed in warm salt water and there’s a wonderful attraction to being part of the ocean’s complexity.  The grit of the sand, the brine of the water, the possibility of an encounter with a fish, crab, urchin or jellyfish is irresistible to me. Sure I’ve been stung, pinched, bumped and bit by all matters of sea creatures but I expect that when I jump into the ocean.   I think KJ shares that sentiment.  And I’m pretty sure she’s part mermaid.

You can follow KJ’s blog here.  And if you’re looking for a love story, take a look at KJ’s novel, Stealing Time.  It features a hurricane as the central character and there’s a bit of time travel too.


And what about my novel, Doughnuts for Amy?  Well I’ve been picked up by a publisher, Winter Goose.  Doughnuts for Amy isn’t currently for sale.  It will return in late Spring of 2014.  I would love for you to become a follower of my writing.  You can connect with me on my Facebook Fan page or on Twitter

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