Chef John Malik

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November 10, 2020
by ChefJohn

The Coral of Belize

The first coral bed we approach is the size of a minivan and it pulsates with life, a magical alien life. It’s life one would find in a Dr. Seuss book; translucent purple leaves the size of a large pizza, scaly green and orange tubes full of 45 degree corners, some with tiny eyeballs winking from inside, there’s yellow bumps, red rocks, and green bruises. There’s spikes and string and curtains of yellow fabric, all dancing to the beat of the water. Continue reading

September 22, 2020
by ChefJohn

My Own Funeral

I went to my own funeral this past weekend. It was a somber affair, me slipping through this mortal world, quietly seeking out signs of my joyous former life. The mourners hugged me, questioned my whereabouts, wondered when we would … Continue reading